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Posting date: 3/17/2020: This note is to provide limited references in the battle of fighting COVID-19 pandemic. We would like kindly remind our readers: our investigation of the disease is still ongoing; therefore, the recommendations to protect yourselves and others from coronavirus may evolve daily. Unfortunately, we can only update our website periodically due to limited resources. Please consult and rely on your doctors for the most updated information and for your own medical care management.  We are here only to assist you.





1. How and where to get tested for COVID-18 19 (如何及在哪里进行Covid-19的测试):


There is still a nationwide shortage of available test kits. Local drive-through-test stations are temporarily closed. As of March 18, the test kits are reserved to hospital patients, healthcare workers, and nursing home residents.  We will update as soon as we have more information. The test for COVID-19 is fully covered by your insurance.


目前全国范围内COVID-19测试套件仍处短缺状态。本地直通测试站暂时关闭。至3/18日,各大医疗系统的测试套件仅供医院患者,医护人员和疗养院居民使用。若更多的测试套件可为大家使用,我们将在及时告知大家。COVID-19 的检测费用是健康保险和政府承保的。


In the Twin Cities area, Allina Health, HealthPartners, and M Health Fairview all offer online registration for COVID-19 testing. If your initial online screening indicates that you need a test, their healthcare organizations will direct you to a test location through their online platform.


在双城地区,Allina,HealthPartners和M Health Fairview都在本地提供在线注册,通过完成几个问答题后, 若认为您需要在检测, 在网上会您会得知在什么地方进行检测


The following are the websites of the 3 major local health care systems where you can register for COVID-19 testing and to learn more about the disease.








  1. What should you do if you think you might have COVID-19 infection (如果您认为自己可能感染了COVID-19,应该怎么办)?


For those with mild symptoms, such as low grade fever, mild sore throat, and cough: keep distance from your family members, wear a mask and you may get well with self-care at home.


对于症状较轻的人如只有低烧,轻度咽喉痛,和咳嗽病人,请与家人保持距离, 戴口罩, 病情很可能自愈。


For those with moderate symptoms and /or with underline medical conditions, such as persistent fever, deep cough, breathing difficulty, particularly if you have underlying diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, and immune compromised (or taking immunosuppressant): please call your doctor for advice promptly.




For people with sever symptoms: please call your primary care doctor’s office as early as possible to get directions. If you need to go emergency room (ER), please call 911 and inform the dispatcher right away that they you are concerned about severe symptoms likely relating to COVID-19. This helps to get you to the best qualified places for treatment and mitigate disease transmission.


对于病情症状严重的人:请不要耽误及时打电话给你的医生咨询, 若需要去急诊室,请拨打911,并立即告知他们您的病有关可能与COVID-19有关,以便最好的为您服务,同时减少疾病的传播。



  1. Regular clinic visit without COVID-19和COVID-19无关的常规门诊:


Most clinics are changing to virtual clinic visit during the pandemic in order to limit disease transmission.  You do not need to go in to be treated by your doctors; you can talk on the phone and conduct online interview with your providers.  This practice is being enforced to protect patients and avoid any unnecessary spreading of COVID-19. If the medical attention you seek is not urgent, postpone your regular visit and just call for necessary prescription renewals. Your visit by phone will be charged and your insurance most like will cover it. Please check with your insurance regarding details on phone and online visits.


在大流行期间,大多数诊所都改用远程就诊。您无需出门就可以接受医生的治疗,您可以通过电话交谈或在线咨询自己的医生。这是为了最好地保护患者并避免COVID-19的任何不必要的传播。如果没有紧急情况,请推迟您的定期拜访,需要处方打电话就可以了。 您的电话看病会被收费。您的保险一般会有承保。请与您的保险公司核对详细信息。


To best serve your medical needs online provided by your care team, it is best your have a smart phone/iPad with MyChart program loaded (any smart phone/iPad store can help you to download MyChart app). This program allows you to reach your providers and hospitals in any health care system you chose  (e.g. M Health Fairviw, Allina, HealthPartners, and their hospitals or prividers).  Please get your device set up for telemedicine; this is more likely the future of medical practice.


为了最佳利用您的在线医疗服务,建议你自备一个智能手机/iPad, 并下载MyChart程序(任何智能手机/iPad商店都可以帮助您下载MyChart应用程序)。在此MyChart程序平台上您可以选择自己的医疗系统,医院,和医生(例如 M health Fairview、Allina、HealthPartners系统里的不同医院或门诊)。 请把您的远程医疗设备设置好,这大概是医疗科学发展的方向。


  1. Treatment for COVID-19 (COVID019 的治疗) :


Currently there is no effective evidence-based treatment for COVID-19. So far the potential anti-viral medications are all in the experimental phase and have known potential side effects. Clinical management focuses on symptomatic relief. It is worthy mentioning that Tylenol is recommended over non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen for fever.  Rest well, eat healthy, exercise regularly, keep your area well ventilated, and stay hydrated and upbeat. Practicing healthy living is the best way to keep your immune system strong, and illness at bay. It is important to remain calm and consult your doctor about any concerns.


目前,针对COVID-19疾病尚无被循据论证得到认可的有效治疗方法,已发表的抗病毒药物都还在实验期,经验性治疗,同时每个药都具有潜在的副作用。临床管理侧重于症状缓解。值得一提的是,发烧建议用泰诺,而不是非-激素性抗炎药(NSAID),例如布洛芬。休息好,健康饮食,定期运动,保持室内通风良好,保持适当的水分, 积极乐观。健康的生活是保持自己的免疫系统强大和防病的最好方法。 重要的是不要惊慌,有事电话问询你的家庭医生。


There are more than 10 phase-I clinical trials for coronavirus vaccine started in March and testing of the vaccine will take 1-2 years before it can become available to the general public for prevention of COVID-19.


冠状病毒疫苗的I 期临床试验已于2020年3月在美国和其他一些国家正式启动。估计需要1-2年才能将其提供给公众进行预防


  1. Prevention disease spread remains the utmost importance to contain the disease (预防疾病传播仍然是控制疾病的最重要因素):


COVID-19 is transmitted through close contact (within about 6 feet), through respiratory droplet produced when people coughs or sneezes (some also suspected aerosol transmission). If possible, please avoid unnecessary public gatherings because it is impossible to know who is a carrier for the disease. When a contagious person is not feeling sick or showing any symptoms, he or she may unknowingly pass the disease onto others.  Social distancing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of the disease. If you must meet with someone, keep 6 feet apart all the time if possible. Wash you hand frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds each time, particularly after touching potential source of infection. If you or your family are infected by COVID-19, presumptive or confirmed, you should remain in quarantine until you are released by physicians, regardless if you are asymptomatic during quarantine (which could be up to 14 days). Additionally, please make sure to inform and consult your family doctor.  If you have potential been exposed to COVID-19, please quarantine for 14 days.


COVID-19是通过近距离接触(6英尺内)和人们咳嗽或打喷嚏时发出的小湿滴传播的(也有人怀疑还通过气溶胶传播). 尽可能避免不必要的公共聚会, 因为无法知道谁是带病毒者。当带病毒者没有发病时,他或她可能会在不知情的情况下将病毒传染给其他人。因此,保持社交距离最为重要。如果您必须与某人在一起,请尽可能保持6英尺的距离。勤洗手,特别是在接触了潜在的感染源后,要充分用肥皂和水洗手20秒。若自己或家人(初诊或确诊)患有COVID-19,病人可能在14天内都无症状, 但无论任何必须保持隔离(直到医生认为您可以不隔离了)。另外请您一定通知自己的医生。如果您可能接触了COVID-19的患者,请自动隔离14天。


The virus causing the COVID-19 is named SARS-CoV-2. According to data from a variety of sources, it is believed that the virus can survive for about 2-4 hours in air, and remains contagious if left on a surface for up to 14 days. Therefore it is recommended to keep the rooms closed and empty for up to 4 hours immediately after occupied by affected or exposed patients.  Afterwards any potentially contaminated surfaces should be wiped thoroughly with 70% ETOH. (Please make sure to stay away from inflammables to avoid fire accidents.)


导致COVID-19的病毒叫做SARS-CoV-2。不同的来源有不同的说法,但病毒一般在空气中存活不超过4小时,在物体表面上可存活长达14天。因此,建议病患用过房间后,立即关闭4小时。然后用70%的ETOH擦拭可能被污染的表面。 (请确保远离易燃物,以免发生火灾。)



  1. Who are most susceptible to severe compromise if contracted COVID-19 (如果感染了COVID-19,谁最容易发展到重症)?


People has known immune compromises, those with pre-existing medical conditions (particularly cardiovascular and lung conditions), and people age over 60 are at an increased risk of severe symptoms, including death if infected by COVID-19.


有免疫功能不全或其他心血管疾病, 肺病,和60岁以上的人,得了COVID-19极有可能发展成重症, 包括死亡。

  1. Useful websites for COVID-19 pandemic related information (有关COVID-19大流行的网站).


The major news agencies in the United States are generally updating about the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. and around the world very efficiently and effectively hourly.



Official government website (政府官方网站):


Minnesota Department of Health

None government websites people we know have used (我们认识的人使用过的非官方网站):



Ruters graphics



  1. The MCHC clinic (MCHC 的 免费诊所)


Our free clinic will remain closed until further notice. We will try to address some of the common concerns based on our understanding from information available at any given time (please refer the opening statement of this note). We will post our information as questions and answers on our website periodically and potentially distribute among WeChat groups as well as local newspapers.




The Association of Minnesota Chinese Physicians (AMCP) support our community by promotes healthy living and disease prevention

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